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Let’s become partners in growth City Delivery Franchise

Ecom Delivery Logistics Franchise offers you the chance to operate a delivery franchise at the pin code level in your area. This allows you to provide our comprehensive shipping and packing services directly to customers within your specific pin code region.

Join Ecom Delivery's rapidly expanding delivery franchise program at the pin code level within your local area.

Ecom Delivery - Logistics
Ecom Delivery Logistics Franchise presents an exclusive opportunity to establish our branded delivery franchise at the pin code level in your city. You’ll offer comprehensive shipping and packing services to local customers. Join us and become an integral part of our expanding network. Explore the opportunity to thrive with Ecom Delivery.

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    Work & Support

    Ecom Delivery Foco Model City Delivery Franchise


    Area/Size of Shop

    100 sft to 200 sft


    Franchise Investment Cost

    (Interior Cost, Equipment Cost, Operation Cost, Marketing Cost)

    Rs. 5,00,000/- Refundable Security Deposit Amount


    Franchise Fee

    Rs. 1,00,000/-


    Software Fee

    Rs. 50,000/-


    Agreement Time

    5 Years

    Ecom Delivery - Logistics

    Revenue Breakdown and
    Commission Structure

    Franchise Income & Company Support:-

    FOFO Model

    Company Work:-

    1. Franchise will pay the salary of the staff working in the franchise store.
    2. Franchise will pav all the operational and patty cash eXpenses.
    3. Franchise will provide a wide ranges of shipping services to its customers.
    4. Franchise will do the interior of the franchise store.
    5. Franchise will setup the store equipment Like Computer, Printer, Scanner, Bar Code Reader, Weigh Machine, Software Glow Sign Board, Furniture, Electric Work, Delivery Bags, Staff's Dress, Cap, Mobile Phone with Delivery Application.

    Income to City Delivery Franchise:-

    1. Companv will pav the Rs. 30 Commission on total each shipment for delivery to the Franchise owner.
    2. Company will pay the 12% Assured Minimum Guaranteed Income Per
      Annum on the total investment cost to the franchise owner.
    3. Companv will pay the Rs. 10000/- Per Franchise to City Franchise Owner if they appoint new franchise model City Franchise.

    *Calculation of Income :- Projected Income

    Lets take an example of 200 ft area of Ecom Delivery City Franchise:-

    Per Month Approximate income from delivery: - 2,70,000/-

    (Per Day Rs. 9,000/-)

    Per Month Approximate Revenue Generated from Delivery of Parcels:-Rs. 3,00,000/- Per Day Rs. 10,000/- if Daily delivery of 300 Parcels X

    Rs. 30 Per Parcel Delivery Income.

    )ress, Cap, Mobile




    Minimum Gauranteed Income

    Income from Deliver of Parcels

    Income from Appointment of New


    12% Per Annum

    Rs. 2,70,000/-

    Rs 10.0001- Fach

    Ecom Delivery - Logistics